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How to care for your new tree

Finish planting by filling all gaps around the tree full of soil. Keep all gaps around the
root ball filled with soil so new roots extend into surrounding soil. If necessary your trees
will be staked down with wires, which should be left on for two years.

Water immediately after planting with a slow stream until the tree and gaps around the
hole are full. Repeat this step everyday for the first  three days. Water two times a week
for the first two weeks, then water once a week. Your tree should receive 10 gallons of
water per inch of trunk diameter at the base, per session of watering.

Example:  An 8” diameter  tree should get 80 gallons of water per watering. This usually
can be achieved in ten minutes with a garden hose turned on high.

Be sure that your water is being absorbed and is not just running down the hill. You may
need to turn the water pressure down and water for a longer duration. Reduce watering
after October 1st to once every two weeks and give a thorough soaking before the first
freeze to reduce winter damage.                

After transplanting use a root stimulator per the instructions on the bottle. You should
fertilize your tree the following growing season.  You can use Miracle Gro Tree and Shrub
for leaf trees and Miracle Gro Evergreen for your evergreens.

Do not use “Weed n’ Feed” on areas near trees
Never place manure, lawn fertilize, and never mound soil over the root ball.

Insect Control
Transplanted  trees are weaker and must be sprayed with a preventative pesticide.   
Pesticides can be purchased at your local garden center. Spray your trees April 1st,
June 15th and also September 1st.